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The key to a successful business, regardless of what industry you are in, is to make sure that morale is high on your team. When you have a team, no matter how big or how small, who have fully bought in to your vision, you will be amazed by what can be accomplished when the talented, dedicated individuals you have selected to run your business apply 100 percent of themselves. Of course, there is only one way to make sure that your employees are putting their best foot forward on a consistent basis and that is with accurate payroll.

Whether you like it or not, you have made a deal with every single one of your employees. When they give your business their time and energy, they deserve to be compensated fairly and on time. If your employees are consistently not being paid on time or less than what they deserve, you can bet that their motivation will fall by the wayside. And in the event that you are paying an employee more than they actually deserve, your business is losing money and you can bet that things won’t be so easily resolved once the error has been correcting.

Providing your employees with accurate and consistent payroll is one of the most important facets of running any business. If you have had an issue with payroll in the past or your business has grown to the point where it’s difficult to stay on top of it yourself, it’s time to consider outsourcing your payroll to Stanford Services LLC.

Stanford Services LLC has been proud to provide a myriad of accounting services to businesses and individuals in the Las Vegas area. Our mission is to bring clarity and peace of mind by letting our experienced accountants worry about this essential part of your business with unparalleled accuracy, efficiency and professionalism. No matter how complex your payroll situation is, we guarantee we can improve it.

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Why Outsource Your Payroll?

One of the reasons most businesses end up outsourcing their payroll is to have assured accuracy. The laws governing payroll and its execution do change and it can be difficult for employers to continually research what has changed. The laws for filing taxes for payroll are even more fluid and changing, which necessitates even more research for the average business owner. By handing the responsibility over to a team of professionals who stay abreast of these developments frees up you and members of your staff to focus on more pressing matters.

There is also a financial advantage to outsourcing your payroll. Hiring a permanent staff member to mind your payroll will cost significantly more than Stanford Services LLC. And that’s not just because we offer some of the best rates for an accounting firm in the Las Vegas area.

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