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Some people are great at cooking and put their skills to good use by pursuing a culinary career, while others possess a golden touch when it comes to repairing car engines, radiators and brake pads. Well, the passion that fuels these careers, as well as countless others, is also present at Stanford Services LLC. Ever since we were young, we had a passion for numbers and that is where the idea for our tried and trusted bookkeeping service first came from.

At Stanford Services LLC, we know that our Las Vegas clients have worked hard for the money, property and other assets that they have acquired. It is this awareness that has shaped our approach to bookkeeping and is the reason why have been so successful in attracting and retaining private and commercial clients in Las Vegas since we first opened our doors. So, if you want the advice of a seasoned financial advisor from a registered, certified and fully competent accountancy firm with years of experience, then we should be the first number you call.

Bookkeeping Services We Offer

When you contract Stanford Services LLC to provide your Las Vegas company bookkeeping services, you may wonder just what tasks you can rely on us for—and which you’ll need to leave to your accountant.


The bread and butter of Stanford Services LLC’s services is our bookkeeping service. Our daily, weekly, or monthly bookkeeping for Las Vegas businesses keeps all of your financial transactions in a single place—the ledger—giving you a more accurate overview of your business’s expenses from month to month.

Combining today’s modern technology with sound bookkeeping principles we’ve learned from our years helping Las Vegas businesses succeed, Stanford Services LLC’s bookkeepers are here to help—and to provide you with excellent stewardship into the next financial year and beyond.

Income Statement Preparation

Whether you need your income statement prepared monthly or annually, Stanford Services LLC will provide accurate, quantified income statements that reflect your revenue and your expenses. We’ll take the time to explain the information contained in the income statement to make sure you understand your business’s financial picture.

On-Demand Balance Sheet Prep

Need a balance sheet made for inventory reasons or to help secure a loan? Stanford Services LLC provides accurate on-demand balance sheet preparation for businesses in need.

Cash Flow Statement Preparation

Working in an industry that deals with cash or cash-like equivalents? Our cash flow statement preparation service is accurate and reliable.

Sales Tax Remittance

In addition to other bookkeeping services we offer, Stanford Services LLC can even collect and remit sales tax to federal and state governments as applicable.

Payroll Services

Managing your business’s overhead expenses and payments to employees is a challenge for even the savviest of entrepreneurs. Let Stanford Services LLC take the toil and stress out of the equation. With sophisticated digital tools, we’ll handle your payroll and ensure your employees are paid on time and the exact quantity they’re owed. Don’t wrestle with confusing vacation pay or health insurance deductions—let Stanford Services LLC do it for you!

What’s the Difference Between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

Bookkeepers are primarily responsible for keeping a ledger of day-to-day expenses and revenues. Our bookkeeping service tracks every single purchase or sale made. Every dollar that comes in and out of your organization is accounted for by our bookkeepers.

We take all this data and reduce it into a few key pages that your accountant will read. Using an accurate overview of your business’s expenses and revenue, they will produce an analysis of your business’s financial health—and use that information Stanford Services LLC has provided to identify weak points or opportunities for improvement heading into your next fiscal year.

Stanford Services LLC is the perfect choice for bookkeeping and payroll services for small businesses in Las Vegas.

Bookkeeping Specialists Who Work for You

At Stanford Services LLC, we are firm believers in the mantra that your success is our success. At the end of the day, we are very unlikely to retain many of the clients who invest in our bookkeeping service if we fail to do what we are supposed to. So, if you want to take full advantage of our accounting services and benefit from an accounting team that will share your goals then look no further.

At the end of the day, it is never too early to start preparing for significant live events, both the predictable and unpredictable. At Stanford Services LLC, we firmly believe that the decisions you make today will affect your life tomorrow. So, if you want a thorough understanding of your business’s financial situation with high-quality bookkeeping as standard, then you need to contact us immediately.

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Bookkeeper for Your Las Vegas Small Business

As a small business owner working in one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities on earth, you already know the many incredible benefits that living and working in Las Vegas can bring. But with those benefits also comes a host of challenges that business owners in other areas won’t face. Like higher rents. Fiercer competition. And a more difficult struggle to keep your head above water while keeping inventory stocked and quarterly earnings targets met.

Which is why you need help from a talented and dedicated bookkeeper to make sense of your finances. No matter what industry you work in, relying on a trained professional to manage your books is a wiser strategy than going it alone.

Think about it. You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself to save yourself a health insurance premium, would you? Nor would you try to do your own plumbing (well, maybe you would, but we certainly can’t recommend trying).

So why do so many small business owners insist on hiring an amateur or spending hours upon hours learning how to balance the books with no success guaranteed? Hiring a professional bookkeeper for your business can bring a wealth of benefits, and not just at the end of tax season. Here’s our running list of a few:

Reduce Your Financial Stress

Maybe the only thing more stressful than having a month where you didn’t get enough revenue is then having to calculate exactly where you went wrong at the end of it—every transaction taken in and out, every time an employee left the lights on overnight, and every marketing strategy you saw zero return on investment for.

It’s no wonder that most small business owners in Las Vegas dread the end of the fiscal year like no other time. An easy solution is to remove this stress from your life entirely by outsourcing it to a competent professional.

An Objective Look

Hiring an accountant to do this job for you lessens the sting of a bad month and reduces the thrill of a good one. This allows you to be more objective about your financial decisions in the future without relying on your emotions to guide you. Which, as anyone knows, might be great for personal relationships, but is a disastrous idea when it comes to running a business.

Attention to Detail and Diligence

Like all skills, your ability to crunch the numbers gets better the more you do it. Nobody could ride a bicycle on their first try, nobody pulls off the amazing gourmet meal without a few culinary disasters first, and nobody can accurately calculate their business’s accounts without a few years practice at it.

Stanford Services LLC’s professional bookkeepers have years of experience with dozens and dozens of satisfied clients as well as vocational schooling and licensing by the state licensing body. When you take all that into account, the price you’ll pay starts to look like a downright bargain, doesn’t it?

As a result, our experience helps us notice when mistakes are made and gives our employees a keen intuition when something doesn’t feel right. And with your business on the line, that intuition can mean the difference between profit for you or owing the IRS big time.

Benefits of a Professional Bookkeeping Service

If you are currently toying with the idea of hiring a bookkeeper for your Las Vegas business, then you really need to read on! To put it simply, there is a big difference between being owning a business and running one, and maybe the biggest in this respect is knowing when to let go. The mistake that far too many business owners make is that they try and do everything themselves, and while this is part of an admirable ‘can-do’ attitude, the fact of the matter is that it may not be in the best interests of your business or your bottom-line. We all know that for many small and medium business that the difference between profit is razor-thin and the margin for error is almost non-existent.

There are many steps that you simply need to take to make sure that your business has the best chance of succeeding. High up on this list should be enlisting the services of a tried and trusted professional bookkeeping service. At Stanford Services LLC, we are very proud of the superior service we offer, and we believe that once you give us a try you will be to. With that in mind, here are four big benefits of entrusting a professional book-keeping service like ours with your particular needs:

Benefits of a Professional Bookkeeping Service

When it comes to professional bookkeeping, there are a range of benefits that we can offer you. Three of the biggest advantages include:

  • An Unbiased Opinion: An external bookkeeping service can do wonders for your business because of the impartial insights that are available. So, whether negative or positive, it can present invaluable info that you may have otherwise missed. On top of that, by not mixing your accounts with the success of your business, the ability to provide a more objective breakdown of what you should and must do also increases. Our team of external bookkeepers have absolutely nothing to do with your business and, as a result, are not obliged to dilute or temper any aspect of our results. This frank and honest approach will benefit you in the long-run.
  • Lower Costs: One of the many advantages of our bookkeeping services is that it should result in cost-saving benefits from a lack of a payroll taxes to paid vacation and other employee benefits. By taking advantage of our high-quality but external service, you will receive a superior service that you get to call the shots on. So, instead of having to pay the salary of an in-house bookkeeper, you can keep costs down while ensuring the books remain balanced—a win-win situation!
  • Lower Turnover: When you hire an external bookkeeper from Stanford Services LLC, you can be guaranteed that you will never have to worry about hiring another bookkeeper again. Our expertise is second to none and we work diligently with every one of our clients to provide the high standard of service that they expect. We never settle for good when perfection is attainable, and our top-quality results mean that we are very successful in retaining clients to our business. This means that you have one less thing to worry about when the end of the month rolls around.
  • Avoid Conflicts of Interest: In business, we all know that smooth sailing is a must. A big part of achieving this end result is to avoid as many conflicts of interest as possible along the way. A guaranteed way of doing this and keeping your books in order in the process is by investing in an external bookkeeping service like the one we offer at Stanford Services LLC. Doing so means that you, as a business owner, can avoid the tricky situation of having to prioritize doing what’s best for yourself versus what’s best for the company.

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